Comprehensive Brighter Vision Review & Stats 2023

Written By Jason Davis


Records indicate Brighter Vision began building websites and providing marketing services for the general public in 2014. In 2017 Brighter vision turned it’s efforts to Therapists when founder Perry Rosenbloom began building a website for his mother, a licensed therapist herself. He learned that he could recreate what he had done for other therapists in a simplistic way. Later, in 2021, Brighter Vision was acquired by a larger publishing company, EverCommerce. Perry is no longer with the company and EverCommerce is responsible for the day to day operations.

Brighter Vision Review

Before I begin it’s important to highlight my biases. I build websites for therapists. I also do SEO for therapists, copywriting for therapists, and a multitude of other tedious and otherwise confusing technical tasks for therapists. I have connections that run deep into the therapy community and I have experience with the hard work it takes to become a licensed clinical mental health counselor via my wife.

Brighter Vision Review: The Cons.

If you read nothing else on this page I implore you to read these few paragraphs to learn why brighter vision can be harmful, if not mitigated upfront. My Brighter Vision review will cover both pros & cons. However, I encourage you to study the section about the cons before you buy into the pros.

Bad Duplicate Content. They offer “pre-made” therapist content for websites. What this means is that each new therapist that joins brighter vision is given the same content for their website that all other therapists are given. Now, wait a minute! It states you can customize everything. Well, you can customize some things. The issue isn’t customization. The issue is that they promote pre-made content while simultaneously promoting SEO for therapists, and pre-made content is duplicate content and duplicate content is harmful for your SEO.

There aren’t any specific penalties for using duplicate content beyond plagiarism. However, duplicate content can and will prevent pages of your website being indexed. If the page does get indexed, duplicate content will prevent the page from ranking well if at all. Lastly, duplicate content dilutes link equity. That means any page linking to your duplicate content will lose any merit because it’s reused duplicated and often outdated text.

Put in another way… you basically compete with yourself by indirectly informing Google you content isn’t valuable. How do you avoid this with Brighter Vision? Make sure a minimum of 90% of the content on your website is original and unique. Have a look at the images below that show you 3 unique therapist website homepages by Brighter Vision…

Bad SEO for therapists. They promote SEO for therapists but they don’t really offer SEO for therapists. This one bothers me because of the many therapists I’ve interviewed that have used Brighter Vision or were considering using Brighter Vision were sold they were getting professional SEO.

This is not the case. While they do guide you on certain SEO best practices to help optimize your on-page SEO efforts, many of those best practices are just standard defaults in WordPress and aren’t adding SEO fuel to your website. There is a long list of items one must perform to execute flawless on-page SEO strategy and while Brighter Vision offers you an “audit” of the website they just built for you (face palm) they claim the rewrite “SEO Tags”. What this means is they swap out your location and brand name in meta fields and specific areas in content. Duplicate content still remains unless you rewrite it yourself.

Another misconception we found in our brighter vision review is their promotional efforts, especially with AdWords ads, where they are advertising SEO for therapists. Therapists believe they are in fact receiving SEO services but in reality they are given a tool to optimize on-page SEO but there are no services for off-page SEO.

Bad Web Core Vitals. In my brighter vision review I examine web core vitals for Brighter Vision websites they advertise on their portfolio page. If you don’t know, web core vitals are a series of metrics in which google evaluates the performance of a website. They’re divided into 4 groups; performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO. I’ll give a brief explanation of each but before I do I want to share the results of a few sites I ran tests on. Poor web core vitals can affect your websites ability to rank because poor web vitals means poor site performance.

Brighter Vision Review of Web Core Vitals

In the image here you see the scores of; performance, accessibility, best practices, SEO. This is tested using mobile browsers at 3g connection speeds for the lowest common denominator.

Poor web cote vitals truly give website visitors a poor user experience. Nowadays there are modern page builders for WordPress, while they can make your website look incredibly advanced, they end up weighing down your website and load speeds suffer greatly. When you accessibility and SEO aren’t scoring great it can slow down your indexing and rankings in search results.

Brighter Vision builds websites on a few different themes. Some use the Genesis framework by StudioPress while others use random free themes found in the WordPress repository. This screen shot reflects everything I typed above… The websites all look the same except a few tweaks. Most of their “custom websites” are use the same content structure. What I found to be the most alarming after closer inspection is the duplicate content. Homepage after homepage of different therapist websites are all saying the exact same thing.

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