About Therapist Directory

We are a family who practices therapy. Professionally and individually. One of our team members (Alynne Davis) is a licensed mental health counselor and therapist. To be very transparent we didn’t like the therapist profile websites available online.

There is a lot of upselling, confusion, complicated backends, or not many options to customize and maximize therapist profiles. So, we decided to become a concierge for therapist profiles. Not only do we allow you to create AND customize your therapist profiles here at TheTherapistDirectory.net we also teach you how to improve your profiles on other websites too.

We do not believe one website works or fits everyone. In fact you need to create many profiles online. Especially if they’re free. Some cost and in our opinion not many are worth it. We charge a one time free for premium services. We do not charge monthly or yearly fees. We currently live in hard times and everywhere you turn online services are rent seeking with yearly and monthly rates. Before you know it, your bank account is being drained from 100 different directions, and fast.

Our model is different. It’s free to create a basic profile and to publish guest posts as often as you like about any relevant mental health topic. Though, if you want massive horsepower, actual hands that help you craft the best profile you can, and even write for you, find images and content for you, create other media for you like podcasts, videos, etc… we do that for you for a fee. Basically, you pay as you go for what you want and you own that content. You can take it with you, use it on other profiles and websites. It’s yours.

Right now my husband is building out the profile engine that enables you to post. If you want early access, click here to contact him. On that page is instructions how to get involved here at The Therapist Directory.

Thanks for stopping by.